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Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden With Stained Glass Art

Enhance the Beauty of Your Garden with Stained Glass Art

Stained glass isn't just for windows any more. The beauty of your garden can be enhanced by capturing the beauty of the sun's usual light through stained glass art. Stained glass jewellery in your garden will capture the sun's natural light and the stained glass will sparkle as the light dances off its surface.

A stained glass stepping stone or garden jewel path provides a tremendous mixture of color and design leading to the entry to your flower garden. Stained glass mosaic garden stone designs are fun to do and can be placed throughout your garden. You obligatoriness make them yourself with regular concrete mix or special colored DiamondCRETE ( tm ) Garden Stone Concrete. You can compose your own wooden molds or purchase molds from your retailers or wholesalers.

With Tiffany Garden Borders patterns you can build a 4 - foot concrete and stained glass circular garden border around your flowerbed, tree, birdbath, backyard pond, sundial or herb garden.

If you aren't familiar at scoring, breaking and grinding stained glass, just break random scraps of stained glass and arrange them in a design, or in no inbred design, in your concrete form.

You can buy easy - to - make stepping stone kits in craft stores, like Hobby Lobby, or in the craft aisles of Wal - Mart or online. Stained glass shops and suppliers have hundreds of patterns and instructional books on stained glass garden stones and other stained glass garden ornaments.

Fantastical frogs, fish and turtle stained glass designs on concrete rain spout deflectors are more attractive than the ordinary plastic ones you see under everyone's gutter drains.

Picture beautiful stained glass and beveled or prism glass wind chimes flashing brilliant colors. The sound of the stained glass shapes bouncing zap each other is pleasing when they are moved by a gentle breeze.

Iron garden stakes frame colorful stained glass designs which are interchangeable. You can change the design to good any season or special occasion. The stained glass garden stakes can be placed throughout the garden or by your front door. Guests will enjoy the warm, outgoing feeling they get when they see the warm colorful stained glass garden stakes and stepping stones.

Another gardeners' favorite is stained glass wire stake designs for flowerpots and smaller garden beds. Three - dimensional stained glass hummingbirds, butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies and other creatures are favorite colorful additions to any patio flowerpot.

A popular stained glass garden project is a resting bench. This is a larger and heavier stained glass project but is worth the effort. The beautiful designs in the bounteous available patterns for stained glass benches fit so well in a beauteous, colorful garden, or under a shade tree. Many have been used in cemeteries and church yards as a lovely, restful place to pause and reflect.

There are iron frames for patio tables to be done in stained glass mosaics. They can be purchased though stained glass suppliers, shops and online. There are many stained glass patterns and books available for the patio tables; or, as always, you can be creative and come up with your own stained glass mosaic table design.

What about a cozy looking stained glass fireplace screen in front of your patio fireplace, or stained glass patio lanterns or porch light fixtures?

You can make any stained glass garden enhancement yourself or obtain a stained glass artisan design and make it for you. You can decorate garden walls or patio floors with stained glass mosaic designs. When it comes to decorating your garden, deck, or patio with stained glass, you are limited only by your own imagination.


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